News: Economic Growth

BB: Economic Growth

The contention that economic growth will slow is basic to my strategic scenario, Capitalism Breaking Down. This means that the call for Degrowth can be withdrawn: population and monetized economic growth rates will decrease. Seek devolution instead.

I will collect current news concerning monetized economic growth, such as trends, opinions, and expectations.

Axios reports: “The IMF yesterday lowered its global growth forecast; the 3rd cut in 6 months and the the lowest forecast since the financial crisis.”

[ fill in by global, then pan-regions, sectors ]Lion on slump.

FP article Jason Hickel; add IMF. Dittrich green economies, Bolle. CC and K in NYT: Weak


Also, BB on CC with stress on supporting project. Axios on IEA.


My strategic scenario suggests that economic growth in the rich (OECD) nations will stagnate, some growth above population increase will occur in what the business media dubs emerging markets (by definition), but that much of the world will be out of the mainstream of capitalist growth, particularly central Africa (rapid population growth and stealing of arable land) and parts of southeast Asia  (loss of water in deltas).

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