See my presentation and various notes. Reference the original seminal article. Confuses Anthropocene (way late, started in mid-19th c says Marsh) with capitalism. See bib.

Age of Acceleration provides setup for PWII.


Annotated Bibliography

Alperovitz, Gar: Pluralist Commenwealth and capitalist reform book. Peruse for insight.

Clark, Colin: sectors as SIC, with payoff, including connection to Fed regions.

Gordon, Robert S. Rise and Fall of American Growth. Classic, the best source. [use for PWII and general source.]

Hymer, Stephen: a forgotten great re hierarchy.

Piketty, Thomas. Capital in the 21st Century. Masterpiece.

Schweikert: Kindle, sociological, ideological, vague & unpersuasive.

Schumpeter: silly at times but highly influential and ideological, not empirical.

Stiglitz. Inequality, AGLZ.



What happened to a bedrock assumption of sustainability: Peak Oil? Remember the logic of Die Off? What of King Hubbard’s prediction?

Oil companies among the most sinister of any capitalist industry.


Oreskes and Stern NYT 191024: much worst. Built in NOW: 5%, 32 to 65 feet ocean rise.

See Grantham Research Institute, Potsdam Institute, Earth Institute, Greenpeace

stationarity: presume from past conditions, bad to grasp rapid change; parameters become variables in models. Example Himalaya glacial melt and water downstream. Cascading feedbacks. Elizabeth Kolbert. Fugue state: disassociation from one’s world.

Nothing coherent, a gap that must be filled ASAP, from economics perspective, starting with Stern Report then elaborate.

review of IPCC; CC as social, not ind: rad urbanist, fail to act, or think w economist cover image. India slows down emissions in 2019, breakthrough: demand slows and shift to renewables (unstoppable?).

Coal plants in EU unprofitable: now what? More subsidies? As in Poland. Efficient plants okay. Carbon Brief compares 1.5 vs 2. -13% GDP at 2 degrees.