Braudel Trilogy

Braudel Ensemble: Livelihood This page branches from the introduction to Braudel’s Ensemble and introduces householding, commerce, and globalization. The foundation of the substantive economy (Polanyi) embeds economic activity within society. This immediately shifts the emphasis to livelihood and away from the dominance of capitalism over our lives and communities. Livelihood, the domain of all life, … Continue reading “Braudel Trilogy”


Crash course climate; impacts paper; US after 2%, CCIR VIP. Morgan Stanley climate investment. See Andrew Sheets, outlook; BBC: Big Oil at max! Axios CCIR. Climate change ==> conflict. ReWork, Maier. global economy 2050, emerging rule, Global Security, China 175% USA. Steady State GDP meter. horrific world 2050: Business Insider, subscribed; pwc idealism ; charts; … Continue reading “Quick-Notes”

Capitalism: Explain

Capitalism (sometimes “K” or “GK” as global capitalism) remains central to the present and future world (hence Ontos) but remains shrouded, so must be disclosed. This disclosure is central to my mission and my passion. My thesis is that capitalism could be shrunk, or devolved, along the Braudel-Polanyi Synthesis: Expand the role and significance of … Continue reading “Capitalism: Explain”

Classical economic thought

I have written my rebuttal of classical and neo-classical economics in the context of sustainability elsewhere. Reinterpreting Adam Smith Adam Smith, the father of economics, saw the threat at the Edinburg Customs House, ala India and China, from the London-based imperial hegemon. Smith fiercely favored his native Scotland over the economic aggressor, England. He understood … Continue reading “Classical economic thought”

Corporate Citizens: Good & Bad

Ask Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT): “Corporations are citizens, friends.” SCOTUS enshrined corporations as citizens in its infamous Citizens United holding, thus creating another species of humanity, but giving life to Behemoths, a terrible prospect. Ever see a corporation go to jail? No, but the corporation is still vulnerable, despite its legal advantages, but that story … Continue reading “Corporate Citizens: Good & Bad”

Links and Notes

Links and Notes See ReWork page. This holds pertinent links. As I peruse news, I cryptically log, then share, articles pertinent to this website below. C+C+CEC: polanyi search; TRADE: BBG re slowdown in export-oriented economies, perhaps Hong Kong as well; free trade moving, not USA; Africa next; most competitive economies, US #2 slipping, WEF fiscal … Continue reading “Links and Notes”

capitalisms: plural

Why use the plural: capitalisms? We limit our grasp of capitalism by imagining a singular stable type. As a U.S. citizen, I do focus on the particularly virulent form of capitalism reigning today under the Trump regime: burgeoning inequality, deregulation, tax relief for the rich, preferences for capital over labor, reactionary nativism, crony capitalism, Dark … Continue reading “capitalisms: plural”


WIP Part II II builds on Braudel Ensemble; list then split into segments where each become categories: livelihood, household, commerce & community, LDT. Integrate existing livelihood page, pre-ensemble. Now compose Livelihood as meta page within Ensemble. Study agenda Study Livelihood in this context: needs punch. Household needs to be explained: compose w example, links ==> … Continue reading “WIP II”