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  11. US industry, SIC code search: Colin Clark; coal more mercury; carbon border tax;
  12. War on climate activism in France. Yellow Jackets rebel, raises inequality concern and discourages carbon tax.


Exxon “Catastrophe”

Exxon case divulges my assumption that Crony Capitalism will fight back against Climate Catastrophe. Read Jane Mayer and Naomi Klein.

This case provides the smoking gun evidence that Capitalism will willingly destroy Earth for the sake of profit.


WaPo, NYT Exxon, NYT background;

BBG Exxon doubles down, 25% increase, until 2025, $200 bn in new drilling. So contesting Exxon’s expansion: oil in Brazil & Guyuna and LNG in Mozambique and Papua New Guinea, is essential. Climate news. Inflated value of reserves, violating SEC: Climate News good source re tar sands as, like coal, potential stranded resource. See background, nat gas shift. Industry undermines climate talks.

NB, catastrophe as sudden, oed, final, conclusive. So need synonym.

Shift from future to present threat.


Crony Capitalism in the USA will dominate, especially if a recession hits in 2020 and if Trump wins re-election. Inequality will fester, deficits balloon into the trillions each fiscal year, climate catastrophe will hit earlier and harder than anticipated. Calls for reform to capitalism will contradict falling profits, so the system will become more repressive and reactionary. Democratic norms, practices, and institutions will wither. Trolls will patrol voices to the contrary. Elections will be rigged. Game this out.  NYT column.


Annotated Bibliography

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Oreskes and Stern NYT 191024: much worst. Built in NOW: 5%, 32 to 65 feet ocean rise.

See Grantham Research Institute, Potsdam Institute, Earth Institute, Greenpeace

stationarity: presume from past conditions, bad to grasp rapid change; parameters become variables in models. Example Himalaya glacial melt and water downstream. Cascading feedbacks. Elizabeth Kolbert. Fugue state: disassociation from one’s world.

Nothing coherent, a gap that must be filled ASAP, from economics perspective, starting with Stern Report then elaborate.

review of IPCC; CC as social, not ind: rad urbanist, fail to act, or think w economist cover image. India slows down emissions in 2019, breakthrough: demand slows and shift to renewables (unstoppable?).

Coal plants in EU unprofitable: now what? More subsidies? As in Poland. Efficient plants okay. Carbon Brief compares 1.5 vs 2. -13% GDP at 2 degrees.