UN forecast: 2017 = 7.6; 30 = 8.6; 50 = 9.8; 2100 = 11.2. See Pew, better analysis. WB 2019. The Conversation, more critical. Stewart blog most intriguing. Graphs.

Only a few countries, all poor but horrific consequences. Aging pyramids, w consequences. See WB blogs.


Pop growth (see Ehrlich text) among poorest, so social costs, not growth, will ensue. By def, mortality must increase. Appears not to embed CCIR.

Delphi Definition

Delphi as Zettelkasten or EIC, compiles, uh, WaynesWorld as PostProfWork.

Delphi captures mission of lighting a path to the future (2050), which, to me, looks bleak. So, rediscover notion of ProfWork as K2L around a speculative foresight knowledge base, of sorts.

Major breakthrough based on CMS in WP.