UN forecast: 2017 = 7.6; 30 = 8.6; 50 = 9.8; 2100 = 11.2. See Pew, better analysis. WB 2019. The Conversation, more critical. Stewart blog most intriguing. Graphs.

Only a few countries, all poor but horrific consequences. Aging pyramids, w consequences. See WB blogs.


Pop growth (see Ehrlich text) among poorest, so social costs, not growth, will ensue. By def, mortality must increase. Appears not to embed CCIR.

Disaster Capitalism

Naomi Klein argues that disaster creates opportunities for capitalism to expand. If so, opportunities will abound. Perpetual war will do the same.

Consider the plan by NYC to provide a protective wall around Lower Manhattan. First, the protection extends only to the rich, not to, say, the Bronx. Second, the plan confers expansion opportunities for real estate industries. Third, the $10 billion price tag is way too low.

Miami, for example, recently floated a bond issue for about $600 million to protect Miami from a rising sea with more intense storms. You get the picture: armoring cities and regions will cost a whole lot, so where isĀ  Dick Cheney’s Hallarburton?

The Iraq War provided lots of lucrative contracts Hallarburton. Indeed, never forget President Eisenhower’s warning about the Military Industrial Complex.