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As a novice WordPress user and developer, I have yet to discover how best to use the software, which has previously locked me out. I may have tangled over some arcane PHP, so I don’t trust how WP. (Do you know PHP? I prefer Javascript, another story.

My intention: Capture thoughts, trends, information, and speculation about our future as inhabitants (better: citizens) of our verdant but vulnerable Earth. We must assume responsibility for the life-space we inhabit, the extension of God’s Creation into the future.

Tall order, this. So few of us, mired in a pandemic and our everydayness, even choose to so contemplate. Hunkered safely in my home with my beloved bride of 45 years, I now choose to write openly. The pandemic provides an opportunity to reflect, so I shall. My log becomes my open, although awkward, book.

I have set up this Bulletin Board to provide updates to the subscribers, now nearly 3,000 — although I am unsure of what that means but my silence must cease. Check into the Bulletin Board for update and to my raw log for background notes.

July 5, 2020

I am now reading a Finer Future financed by the Club of Rome. The premise has been widely acknowledged: Civilization collapses before our eyes. Yup.

My intention to raise our horizon to the spirituality of Laudato Si’ and Integral Ecology remains my guiding light. I remind myself of this: Who anticipated and prepared for the rise of Nazi Germany, other than the perpetrators of that horror. I can think of two:

  • Lord John Maynard Keynes.
  • Winston Churchill.

Recall that the followers of the Third Reich claimed Christianity as their religion. They followed Hitler, not Christ. Today, Christ will be stolen to perpetrate, that word again, horrors as hate founded on despair panic millions of Americans, my fellow citizens, into disgrace, dragging me in their wake. This blog fights back with words, visions, code, and indignation.

May 20, 2020

I overcame my reluctance to revert to WordPress but see the updated Integral Ecology web page. Worse, much of WordPress remains a mystery to me, not so HTML5 and Javascript. I have been silent, since I do not quite know how to express the urgency of my apocalyptic vision of an unfolding catastrophe. To the subscribers of this blog, I apologize.

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  1. I so appreciate the clarity here, and your passion & knowledge that sound so natural – and inspiring. Looking forward to more. (Wish I could’ve been in one of your classes! But here, you reach countless more …) Thank you!

    • Thanks for your comment. I replied in detail but in this clumsy editor, I lost the long comment in a flash of an errant keystroke. I concluded that juxtaposing capitalism to Integral Ecology imitates Laudato Si’, therefore a routine straw-man argument reminiscent of Hamilton’s vision vs Jefferson’s, industrial vs agrarian. I need to redraft in my own language rather than rely on bundles of off-the-shelf constructions. This is the hackneyed debate: centralized (even Green New Deal) vs decentralized, the experiment now taking place in this pandemic. I will think again. Thanks. Love, Wayne