Month: July 2020

Bulletin Board

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I have added a mission statement to my website. An earlier web page offers a vision statement. In 2007, I defined my intention in my legacy Statement of Concern. This manifesto has not changed since 2007.


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Coming soon to a city near you! Read Roger Cohen’s chilling article. Of course, this iconic image has been captured in Portland, OR, where the dress rehearsal has been rolled out. The real mayhem will arrive in mid-October as part of an intricate scheme to nullify the upcoming election. Conservative columnist Max Boot of the […]

Memorandum: July 21, 2020

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The image of Federal Border Patrol (sic) troops in Portland, Oregon, above appears in the NYT today in a column by Michelle Goldberg. I regard this awesome photo from NYT as iconic. Observe the dialectic illustrated by the two images. Harbinger? The elections are about 100 days away. The outcomes focus on the presidency and […]

Journal: Wayne’s CyberWorld

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Rather than my continuing to clutter my notes within file folders and binders, I will share these preliminary notes in WordPress. I must publish the unfinished notes to provide links. I appreciate your patience. Preface As I introduce a specialized language, I will render key terms in bold. I must generate a glossary. A gloss refers to […]