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A protester in Portland, Ore., enveloped in a fog of chemical irritants being used to disperse demonstrators in the early hours of Friday.

Coming soon to a city near you! Read Roger Cohen’s chilling article. Of course, this iconic image has been captured in Portland, OR, where the dress rehearsal has been rolled out. The real mayhem will arrive in mid-October as part of an intricate scheme to nullify the upcoming election.

Conservative columnist Max Boot of the Washington Post offers a chilling scenario consistent in tone and substance with this post.

The Dystopian Scenario

President Trump will not vacate the Oval Office unless a Blue landslide election occurs. Russia, Iran, China will hack, say, Georgia or Wisconsin. The election will thus be nullified. The military and the Alt_right militias will battle the streets. Blood will flow. Already has.

The election will not be decided on November 3rd, although candidate Trump may pre-emptively feign victory. As disputed state results drag into December, the Electors from, say, Florida, Michigan, and Wisconsin may not be seated. Since the Electoral College meets on December 14th, the requisite 270 votes may not be declared so the election goes to the House, where GOP delegations outvote the Democrat delegations 27-23, with perhaps a third of the population. Thus, Trump remains in the Oval Office having been Constituionallly elected.

Hell unfolds in early October gathering through January 20th. What of SCOTUS? A single vote may seal the fate of civilization. Looking for the Black Swan. Alas.

Retribution and marshall law will follow and persist. The death count will be reckoned in the thousands. The Covid-19 epidemic accelerates uncontrollably. A formerly great democracy enters its death spiral.

Can it happen here? Alas, it can. Watch closely as our institutions will be strained in this test. Vote.

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